Rose Rosen

Artist Statement

Utilitarian beauty is the phrase I like to use when referring to my glasswork. Growing up in the inner city and having parents who were Holocaust survivors ingrained a somewhat fatalist perspective in our family.  Don’t wait for a tomorrow that may never come was the underlying message my parents instilled. Seize the day. Use the good stuff. Enjoy the moment. 

That is why I make beautiful utilitarian plates, bowls and serving dishes. I use my artwork everyday which makes me happy. And the medium suits me. Glass is hard when it’s cold, but put into a kiln, it melts. Meeting me is like that. First you encounter a hard exterior, but quickly my warm heart emerges.

Turning an abstract concept into a tangible product is an apt metaphor for my career as a casting director for 30-plus years. I am proud of my ability to recognize and cast the right talent to inhabit a role, just as I take great delight in transforming a sheet of glass into a gorgeous objet d’art.


As a member of the prestigious Casting Society of America, Rose is recognized as one of the top tier Casting Directors in the world, one of a mere 800 highly-vetted members invited to join the prestigious organization. From countless commercials to her most fulfilling and favorite job, the acclaimed Edward Scissorhands, casting has defined Rose’s ambition for three decades.

Hailing from St Louis, Rose started her career as a fashion editor and learned very quickly that business can also be creative. She moved to Florida where she started Casting by Rose Rosen and has been non-stop ever since. Rose spends her off hours working with glass as a form of therapy.

“The transformation of a sheet of glass into gorgeous useful art objects really speaks to me and brings me great joy.”





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