Debra radke

Artist Statement 

My images are the way I see the world, my own individual viewpoint.      They are not meant to explain the world to others. They are reflections drawn from a place deep inside me – what I think and see at a particular moment in time.

My field of view being often inward, I respond to things and events that call to me.                                                                                                                      Quiet things like the breeze on my face.                                              Ephemeral things like a breathtakingly beautiful flower that appears on today’s walk.                                                                                                  Intrinsic things like the air we breathe without a thought, or the colors of the rainbow after a storm, in a moment quickly past.

My work is a visual reflection of my desire to beckon the viewer into that ambiguous space between abstraction and reality, feeling and instinct,  a precious moment in time. It is my ongoing attempt to make the unseen visible.       

Biography  – DEBRA RADKE 

Debra Radke creates landscape-based paintings and mixed media monoprints that straddle the ambiguous space between abstraction and realism. Her work speaks about the landscape of the human condition in our world. Mother Forms are a series of recurring shapes derived from quick sketches and become the basis of her imagery. During an artist residency in Bulgaria, the local sheep appeared everywhere in her landscapes and became the newest of her Mother Forms. Thresholds, Gateways, the Vortex, Triangles and Pods and Pairs are others.

Debra received an MFA in painting and printmaking from USF in Tampa, Florida. She has received many awards; among her top favorites are the PHI Kappa PHI Fellowship Award for graduate studies and the 2nd Award Purchase Prize and International Residency in Lessidren, Bulgaria. Debra creates work in her Studio 212 gathering multi-media threads in a tapestry of her life’s work as an artist. She is currently in her 15th year as Curator of TECO Public Art Gallery in downtown Tampa and is a member of a Tampa based-female collective Creatives Exchange, along with other local advocacy groups that support inclusion in the arts and art education. 

An International artist, Debra has exhibited her work in Bulgaria, Canada, France, Ireland, Spain and the UK, as well as New York City and many states across the US.  Last year, artist and advocate Judith K. Brodsky included Debra’s Monoprint titled, “All That Glitters…” in The MGNE 5th National Monotype/Monoprint Exhibition opening May 6 – Sept 2, 2018 at The Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, MA. Debra’s work was also on exhibit at the Morean Center for the Arts 100th Anniversary Exhibition in St Petersburg, FL and in Starry, Starry Delights, an Invitational at Dunedin Fine Arts Center, Dunedin, FL.  A two-week summer painting residency with Artist Pinkney Herbert at Penland School of Crafts in N. Carolina was a high point in 2018 and continues to influence her current work. Debra will exhibit 2 paintings in the upcoming exhibition by Creatives Exchange Collective titled “Fractured/Spaces” at Gallery 114 at HCC Ybor City Campus opening June 27th, 2019. She is honored to participate in a gallery talk about her work in Fractured/Spaces at the gallery on July 17, 2019 with two other Creatives Exchange member artists.