Cindy Hennessy

Artist Statement 

Choreographer , Dance Educaton, Arts Administration 

I observe the world around me and translate it into movement, whatever is vividly standing out at the time. Over the years that’s covered a lot of different subjects, like human behavior, nature, and new perspectives discovered through a piece of art or music, a performance, or something I’ve read. Often a dance will germinate with just one strong image.

I like to use words, allowing a word or phrase to evoke distinct imagery and take me beyond my habitual movement patterns. Sometimes the dancers that I’m working with, in good humor, call it my cartoon brain. What if you… Do you think it’s possible to… I’m fortunate, because they can almost always bring the image to life.  

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Cindy, a native Floridian, swam, walked, and then danced, in that order. For mutual survival her loving parents wisely focused her abundant energy by enrolling her in dance classes by age eight. She is one of the 1997 founders of Moving Current Dance Collective, a professional contemporary dance group residing in Tampa, which to date has, produced over 70 concerts, presenting local and national choreographers, dancers, musicians, poets, actors, and visual artists.  Annually with Moving Current she choreographs and oversees residencies. Her dances have been seen regularly throughout Florida, as a part of the Visions of Peace Project in Paris, France, the 2010 production of HAIR for American Stage in the Park, St. Louis and in Lisbon Portugal

Cindy attended Florida State University, earning a BFA in Dance. Upon graduation she worked extensively with her mentor, the late Barton Mumaw, principal dancer for Ted Shawn, reconstructing select Shawn pieces and exploring the influence of Delsarte movement principals. In the last 12 years she has focused on Skinner Releasing and improvisation, earning her Skinner Teacher Certification.

Ms. Hennessy has taught and choreographed at St. Petersburg College, Eckerd College, the Pinellas County Center for the Arts, University of South Florida and many workshops in the area. With Moving Current she conducts residencies at colleges, festivals, in public schools and annually leads community projects. Ms. Hennessy is on the board of the Florida Dance Association and served as a member of the Artist Advisory Committee for the Arts Council of Hillsborough County through 2014.

Honors include: Individual Artist Grant from the Arts Council of Hillsborough County, Tampa Bay Treasured Artist of the Year an Individual Artist fellowship by the Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs. Her greatest award has been the privilege of working with many dedicated teachers, students, professional dancers and artists, who have given many hours of their talent to her creative endeavors. She is grateful for all that she has learned from them.